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You mean am?

You mean am?

I woke up this morning typing another article entirely, and I heard a child singing what was a song we regularly sang in the children’s Bible club. The lyrics of the song are “In the Morning/early in the morning/in the morning…I will rise and praise the Lord”. I smiled, because it brought back an avalanche of memories in that four or five second period, when I joined in the song muttering the lyrics to myself, I noticed that what the child was singing went thus: “In the morning/early in the morning/in the morning…I will never praise the Lord”. It was mildly amusing but also threw my mind in another direction.

An incident happened about four years ago, which I’m certain I’d never forget. I was singing a song “You are more than life to me /O Lord my God”, and a very dear friend, ‘Rowy Omoyibo said (I can’t remember his words exactly) “but that sing doesn’t reflect in your actions, the way you lead your life shows that the world is more important than God to you”. But I remember somewhere in that heavenly inspired reprimand was ‘YOU MEAN AM’? Read the rest of this entry »

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For most people, religious or not, the notion of one night stands are very offensive, even the ‘seemingly’ loose and sexually promiscuous of humans find one night stands to be repulsive at some point.

“One night stands” refer in a broad sense to a sexual encounter with a stranger, no names, no emotions, just the perverse desire to satisfy sexual desires with just anyone; its basically a single sexual encounter without any expectation of further relations between the participants.

Not so nice right? Read the rest of this entry »

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The Chicken and The egg

Which came first?

I still wonder too.

Anyway, I think the analogy of the cow and milk suits the issue at hand better.

If a farmer is able to milk his cow, and runs off with the milk, lives off the milk for a while, but during that period forgets to feed the cow, and the cow falls ill, and he doesn’t care,  he might not have any milk the next time he wants some.

One of the issues that can entrap a person in a huge steel box is the deception of valuing the gift more than the giver.

It’s so easy to get drawn away from God by the gifts that God has given us. Read the rest of this entry »


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