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Just like Hard Eba

Just like Hard Eba

Eba is one of the greatest meals in the committee of meals in Nigeria, second only to Jollof Rice and dodo, but it was very amusing  when I found that a professor  I greatly admire talked briefly  about his travails with  different manifestations of Eba that litter the Nigerian Landscape in His inaugural lecture talked; while some are made with a lot of water such that it turns out pudding-esque, in other parts (and that’s where I’m from)it  has less moisture and that’s probably to allow ‘proper’ molding of the Eba before it ‘attacks’ the soup.

Now, one of the worst experiences a human can have is to have to eat Eba that wasn’t properly covered during the harmattan season. Matter of fact, people would rather go hungry than allow themselves that degree of torture! Because, it gets so hard, it’ll hurt with every swallow. Read the rest of this entry »

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