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Move the Post /..1.

Move the Post /..1.

I enjoy football (soccer); I love football! I follow up on football news, I laugh when ‘rival’ teams loose, or have some sort of crisis, I cringe when it seems that they are building some winning momentum. I remember seeing a football match at a ‘viewing centre’; it was a special day. The club I have the fondest support for had just bought a teenager for what seemed like a ridiculously high price, and so he came in midway in the second half. He was obviously underestimated by the opposing team, so he got a pass, skipped past two (or was it three) players, and bent the ball past the goal keeper!!! The whole place went crazy! I was hugging people I’d never met, high-fiving total strangers, screaming and jumping in that frenzy! Shouts of ‘na so’! ‘we dey ball’ ‘Catch am na!’ ‘pikin wey sabi’! ‘una go walk alone tire!’ filled the air! Obviously supporters of the other team sat dour-faced, it made me all the more ecstatic, I loved it! Read the rest of this entry »

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