Bravery, and other Saturday stories

11 Aug

The chores that jump on you on a Saturday morning are just unkind. How is it that you have to wash, lean, mop, weed (the grass  ), and have phatic communion with the neighbours, all in one day? Well, not all in one day, ‘Saturday’ actually ends by noon . Once the sun is up, the rest of the day feels like a blob of half-melted fat. 
It was on a Saturday like this a neighbour challenged my boldness. Now, it is no secret that I like to err on the side of caution. Swim in a pool deeper that 4 feet? No. Watch Indian love movies? No. Support Arsenal FC? Maybe .

But on this day, I was doing something mindlessly till I noticed that the ‘junction box’ ( sorry, that’s what we call it. Maybe it’s a fuse box, I don’t know) was sparking. Ha! I immediately called the attention of everyone and stayed a few good feet away from it.  Someone ELSE heard me scream and rushed out to see what was wrong. “nah, it’s nothing” he did a few things and laughed while walking away. I still insisted that we call an electrician to take a look at it. I had returned to the chore I was doing before the sparks struck, and this daughter of the Most High God had the temerity to say “ah, Emeka you are always afraid”! Eh? I am what? You could see the connection sparking and you are talking about fear? Please, I want to live a long healthy and functional life. Ha! I am only being careful o. She laughed. I wasn’t. Ha! Wire. Spark. Boldness. Sorry o. We will see when  it has been fixed. But then it got me thinking, in many ways I have chosen to play with things even more dangerous than a tiny spark from a junction box. I have ring-a-rosed around things that could effectively see me truncate God’s purposes for my life. And here I am running from  single spark. The bible urges us in Hebrews 3:13 to be wary of the deceitfulness of sin. Despite varying theological positions, sin will render you ineffective for the purposes of God and numb to His voice. That passage says that sin hardens a person. There are sparks that are ultimately designed to harden us from being perceptive to the wild fires that will burn directly in front of our noses. It is obvious that in this state of numbness one of the first things to go is our ‘devotional worship’. I know. A true Christian cannot live on devotional worship ‘alone’ and other stories. But at least we can agree that ‘devotional worship’ is the LEAST thing a Christian should do in a day. When a Christian is numb, this is the first thing that goes. But because ‘they will ask of me in church if I don’t go’, the person in question will continue to ‘go to church’. So, I pray God opens our eyes to see sparks or wildfires that we are confronted with, and may His hands lead us steadily to the stream that never runs dry!

Again, I had on that day done all the dishes, and I had already done the victory drop! You know that intentional tree-like fall on the bed when all the chores have been conquered , and then  I had sighed the sigh of relief. But then almost at the same time I saw an ungodly looking bowl. A vile unbaptized bowl, sitting there, comfortable in its unwashed-ness. “Emeka leave it, you will wash it later”. Almost immediately, I spoke to myself ” that is how you will keep allowing uncleanness have access to your ‘spirit’ “! Woah! Mehn! I jumped up and scrubbed hard at that bowl like I was addressing the issues that I know desperately need to be taken care of.

Please, we can’t wait. If there is something lurking under the surface that needs to be urgently treated, please let’s make a move. With our heads bowed in surrender, and our knees firmly on the ground, and hands interlocked with fellow believers, no blazing arrows from hell can find us as willing and accommodating targets. The bible tells us in James 1:15 that when SIN IS ALLOWED to grow it gives birth to death. What this death begins to mean to me is that it is a death of purpose, death of joy, death of peace, death of a conscious realization of our righteousness in Christ Jesus.

And we all, with unveiled faces behold as in a glass the glory of God, we are being changed to His own likeness, from one degree of glory to another. (2 Cor 3:18)

God help us.


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