Harmony and I.

17 Aug
Harmony and I.

I was once in a choir, maybe I’d be in one again :), but then I felt like it was a torture session, not for me, but for the choir director and the other choristers. I was perpetually singing off the key, and off the part I was supposed to sing. I remember it was so bad I was allowed a free-role; that is, I could sing whatever I wanted, only I wasn’t going to do it with the microphone. 
During that time, I became roommates with some amazing music-ministers , I would hear them rehearse and score songs, and since I didn’t want to ruin their rehearsal, I’d sing mentally (yes you can do that). I’d adlib, modulate, do all sorts with the song in my head. On a particular day, I tried to actually modulate a song and the result will forever be used to taunt me. I’m sure Jesus may have chuckled a bit sef.
A choir is only as good as the people in it, and all the voices and the musical instruments are all geared to serve a singular purpose.

Even instruments as ignoble as the chimes, and the cymbals give off a remarkable twang to the song. They all contribute to the harmony of the song. All the parts though ‘different’ all work together for one purpose; and so are we in Christ. We all function uniquely “so that the body of Christ may be built up” [Eph 4:12].
God has called us to harmony not ‘exactness’. “God’s various expressions of power are in action everywhere; but God Himself is behind it all, Each person is given something to do that shows who God is…all kinds of things are handed out by the Spirit, and to all kinds of people!” [1 Cor. 12 6-8].Orchestra
With the denominations in the Christian family, we all seem to be in some sort of competition, or have some sort of (self-categorised) better-than-them-all mien. The ‘other people’ according to us, are unspiritual, and not knowledgeable, and we can sit on our lofty perch and scoff at them. This is actually the state of the body of Christ, and its anything but harmonious!
To find the harmony, we must all first, find the areas where we fully agree, and focus on them, and then subtly begin to negotiate around the bends of what we seem not to be all cool with.
I admit that we may meet people who are not believers in Christ, but only speak some christanese as a coat for their sect, and those we must resist. But, more often than not, the issue is not with them, it’s with your friend who attends a different ‘church’ , or who believes that rice shouldn’t be eaten without fried plantain (if you think that jollof rice shouldn’t be eaten with fried plantain I cant even be your friend sef, we are so unequally yoked!), or that some attires are not appropriate for a Christian meeting or that others are too archaic; that’s where most of the issues are. We may all seem to sing discordantly, but the potential to be a sonorous behemoth is staring at us. Only if we would reach out in love.
The flow of God’s power in the Christian family, the seeming short-circuiting of the manifestations of the Spirit of God only lies in the fact that we ALL have not walked in love. We have demeaned other ‘congregations’ in not so loving terms and we have behaved like petulant children.
If we can come to sing together, shout together, laugh together in one voice…These walls will fall!

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