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To The Bleeding


You may not know me, but somewhere through this ‘maze’ called life our bleeding hearts have struck a brotherhood that cannot be ignored. This is a brotherhood born out of mutual pain. If you are reading this and you have never been wounded….please pass this on to a real person who has, but if you can look in the mirror of self examination and you can find some wounds, some of them recent, some others have been there for long, yet so fresh, festering deep inside, some have been healed but hurts at a particular season…yeah those wounds.

whichever you can relate to, you are the one i am writing to. These are wounds sustained in your attempts to love and be loved, in your attempt to help and be helped, but somehow it didn’t turn out like you hoped. But then, all that has helped you realize that God has been right all along when he says


right now you totally agree with God! Life has hurt you long enough, now you realize the timeless truth “only THE MOST HIGH deserves my heart”.

Maybe a disappointment or a betrayal, a conspiracy, or a scandal, maybe an intimidation,or a deprivation, it could even be a molestation; in some way we have tasted the  not-so-good side of our fellow men. It hurts mostly to swallow that some of them are our brothers and sisters, our husband or wife, our trusted friends or colleagues, people we trusted without a second thought; yet they failed us! But WAIT A MINUTE! You can remember clearly now, you dished out some of those betrayals yourself.  You have also given some of the bitter pills of disappointment to unsuspecting victims; they trusted you too you know? How about the times you betrayed yourself? I know you said you wont do it again, I understand how you meant to overcome that addiction, that craving, but again and again you betrayed yourself. the irony then is most times you are your own victim!!!

Now you are bleeding, not only from the wounds inflicted on you, but the ones you inflicted on yourself…

and always, night and day, he was in the mountains and in the tombs, crying cutting himself with stones” Mk 5:15

Right now you may be weak and weary, confused and bleeding, i can sincerely feel your pain, you have managed to cover it up. So many people are watching you smile and jump around, but they don’t know that like a leaking tyre you are almost “empty of life”.

And now you have settled for something Lesser than your true self (people that are congratulating you don’t realize this). You have settled for the opinion of others. You crave their acceptance just the way a fish on land craves the comfort of the ocean. somewhere, somehow, you have turned your “creative tap” off. You say to yourself “I will never trust again, if i do i might be dropped again, “I will never dream again, because i might fall again”, “I will not dare to expect again, i might get disappointed again if i do”.

That is why i am writing to you. I have heard it, can you hear it too? It is the voice of restoration..its really loud“come out Lazarus!” John 11:43

At the sound of this voice, even the grave cannot hold you down, the disappointment cant hold you down, that fear cannot hold you down, that health condition cant hold you down, that scandal, that pain, that habit, that sin cannot hold you down! It is the voice of One who really cares, its the voice of a Brother, and a Friend, a Saviour and Lover, it is the voice of one who himself has bleed in your place. HEB 4:15

“The spirit of The Lord is upon me, because He has annointed me to preach the goodnews to the poor, He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted…to set at liberty those that are bruised” Luke 4:18

And here is the question. Will you keep living in the shadow of what men have done to you? Will you keep living in the guilt of what you have done to yourself? Or will you step into the realities and possibilities of what God has done for you? Will you say yes to the healing He brings?

It is the cure for the bleeding soul, He will heal you so well you will look for anger and revenge but you wont find any, He will heal you so well you will understand the reason for the pain, the betrayal, the disappointments, the hurts and the mistakes. You might even realize that the very people that hurt you are the same people you have been raised to deliver. (remember Joseph)

It is time to rise up from the sea of these betrayals and take in the fresh air of healing! Feel the gentle breeze of abundance. see, this is your second chance, (or maybe its your third chance, or fourth, or twenty-ninth, but its another chance nonetheless).

It is time to go ‘deaf’ to those who want to remind you of your mistakes and your weaknesses, you don’t have to spend another second thinking bout them. Perfect strength from the master healer is being expressed in the midst of it all, and yes you are still qualified, you are still accepted in the beloved!

And yes you can smile again, you can dream again, you can trust again, you can help someone again!

Look in the mirror and tell yourslelf  “i am done hiding, i am done being foolish, i am done hating myself, i am done living in the past” then look with purposeful intensity and the say “ready or not planet earth here i come!!!”

                                                                                                 Pastor Tony Abu.



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